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Alex and Anna in 2005


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November 2000 - present

Alex's birth and going home pictures

A few silly movies, 11/28/2002 -- present

  • Webcam spying on the kids during spring break at home 02/26/2008 [Quicktime, 23.3M]
  • Anthony, 1 month old, 10/23/2006 [Quicktime, 15.6M]
  • Anthony, 6 days old, 9/30/2006 [Quicktime, 18.4M]
  • Anthony, first real bath, 9/30/2006 [Quicktime, 5.6M]
  • Anthony, right after he was born, 9/24/2006 [Quicktime, 544K]
  • Anthony, a few minutes after he was born, 9/24/2006 [Quicktime, 2.8M]

  • Alex dancing, 11/28/2002 [Quicktime, 8.3M]
  • Alex dancing, then encounters an obstacle, 11/28/2002 [Quicktime, 6.4M]
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